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Hazardous Substances

What you need to do as an employer


Any hazardous substances used by your business must be adequately controlled, so that they do not cause ill-health to your employees or others.  Hazardous substances include:

  • Chemicals,
  • Gases,
  • Vapours,
  • Fumes,
  • Fibres ,
  • Dusts
  • Used substances such as oil
  • Biological agents.


Some of these substances have defined workplace  exposure levels to protect employee health.


How can we help


At Imago Health and Safety Consultants we can help you manage the risks associated with the use of any hazardous substances by your business by completing hazardous substance risk assessments. These risk assessments will help you to identify the hazards, risks and control measures that you need to put in place to adequately control exposure of your staff and others to the hazardous substances used in your workplace.

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