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Display screen equipment

What is DSE


Display screen equipment (DSE) are devices or equipment that have an alphanumeric or graphic display screen and includes display screens, laptops, touch screens and other similar devices


What are the health risks with DSE


Some workers may experience fatigue, eye strain, upper limb problems and back pain from overuse or improper use of DSE. These problems can also be experienced from poorly designed workstations or work environments. The causes may not always be obvious and can be due to a combination of factors.


What do you need to do as an employer


As an employer you are legally required to ensure that the risks associated  with the use of DSE equipment by your staff are adequately controlled.


How can we help


At Imago Health and Safety Consultants we have trained DSE assessors who carry out 1-2-1 assessments with DSE users to assess the risks associated with using DSE equipment and identify any special requirements for individual staff. These 1-2-1 dse assessments are normally carried out in the office or at home, however due to current COVID-19 restrictions we are only conducting virtual dse assessments. These assessments using a combination of measurements, photograpghs and video call  are able to deliver the same quality in-depth advice that is provided in our face-to-face dse assessments. 


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